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My comments to the FCC on the NAB-backed 2019 proposal to further deregulate ownership limits for radio.

On the 70th anniversary of commercial FM operation in Los Angeles, I wrote an article for Don Barrett's that included a list of all the call letters used by every FM station in the market.

Speaking of FM call letters, here's the real story of the 1971 call letter changes for the FM stations then owned by ABC.

I was given the opportunity to update the listings of UHF television stations that went defunct in the first 30 years of UHF operation at the DuMont Television Network historical website operated by Clarke Ingram. That spun off into a separate website, The History of UHF Television, for which I did the site design, wrote or edited several articles, and serve as the content coordinator.

In 2011, I filed comments with the FCC on their proposals to change the Public File.

How did we end up with the two "evil empires" of radio? This chart depicts all the mergers once deregulation relaxed ownership limits in the 1990s.

In 2010, broadcast engineer Burt Weiner, in the CGC Communicator newsletter, likened the loss of television spectrum to broadband to the loss of Los Angeles' Red Cars. Being a public transportation official and historian, I took him to task in a subsequent issue.

My friend Michael Hagerty came up with a scenario that would use Clear Channel's proposal to further relax ownership caps to own every major market's FM coverage and I translated it into an easier-to-follow format.

John Records Landecker (Records truly is his middle name!) replied on the air to an e-mail I sent him during the 2007 WLS Rewind special ... and we have the aircheck! (P.S. Buy his new autobiography!)

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